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Waxing & Facials


Waxing Treatment
1. Eyebrow waxing   
2. Lip waxing 
3. Half arm wax    
4. Full arm wax   
5. Full leg wax 
6. Half leg wax    
7. Bikini wax 
8. Hollywood

9.  Tweezing
10. Brazillian
11. Playboy 
12. Back wax 
13. Chest wax. 
14. Full body wax
15. Under arm wax
16. Re-shaping of eyebrow 

Skin Resurfacing
Microdermabrasion facial treatment wit the use of machine extraction for a deeper & faster form of exfoliating the skin using corundum powder made from diamonds to remove blackheads a stubborn milia, as it smoothen and tones the skin.​ 

Acne Facial
Deep cleasing facial treatment (steaming) with this form of manual extraction, the treatment open.s the pores for easy removal of blackheads, milia, and other inflammations. It is basically for acne skin treatment.​​​​ 

Revitalizing Facial

Revitalizing facial treatment is a treatment that helps to rehydrate the skin using products made from herbs extracts, sunflower oil and evening prime rose to maintain the skin texture. 

European Facial

30mins maintainance facial treatment helps keep the skin smooth, supple and glowing.

Anti-Ageing Facials
This treatment help the skin especially for fine lines and wrinkles making the skin youth, soft smooth and supple. 



Skin Analysis. 

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