Slim & GYM


Detox & Oriental Rolling/G5

Enjoy the unique experience of our oriental rolling to help break down stubborn cellulite/fat (toxin) trapped in between the body tissues. With exercise, this method leaves you firm and supple.


Clay Body Wraps
This is a combination of a  therapeutic treatment infused wit essential oils, sun dried clay and herbal extracts which are beneficial to the skin and internal organs.


Super Detox Steam, Massage & Arasys
Rich exfoliating treatment on dry and dehydrate skin with (30mins) body massage using pure day oil and shea butter to replenish moisture.

Deluxe Slimming Steam, Rolling & Arasys

Deluxe Quick Slim

(1 month treatment idea for the bride to be) includes the use of steam/sauna rooms, gym, oriental rolling, Arasys, massage, facial and waxing. This package is designed to ensure that you achieve your goals before the "D" day.​

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